Monday, October 24, 2016


We all know Halloween is coming, so this time I decided to write you some of my top unknown horror movies. Probably you have never heard of the movies I will write about, but I suggest you to watch them, they are pretty scary!

1. Goodnight, mommy

This movie talks about twins boys whose mother had a face changing surgery. Within time, they started to ask if the person under the bandages is really their mother, and that's where trouble begins.

2.  The Cellar Door

A young woman is imprisoned in the basement of a serial killer. The killer has put her in a wooden cage and he wants her to play sick games with him.Rudy decides to play the game looking for a chance to escape.

3. The woman in black

This movie talks about a ghost who is harassing little kids by tampering them to commit suicide. It's old, I have to say, from 1989, so the production isn't the best, but the movie is giving chills!

4. Lake Mungo

The story of Alice,mysterious young girl who disappeared while swimming in the lake. Later is discovered that she went "to a better place" with few secrets.Memorable, clever, original, and at times - simply creepy.

5. The loved ones

After a popular high school student politely refuses the invitation of school freak to a prom, soon he ends up drugged and tied up to a chair in her living room, where he is forced to attend a sickening meal with her parents. What follows is an hour of time psychological and physical torture for the guy, while in parallel we follow the desperate attempts of his beloved girlfriend and his estranged mother to find him.

I hope you will watch some of this movies, or maybe all of them!


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